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Krystalán began her photojournalistic photography through her work as a global music executive touring across more than 60 countries over 15 years. Passionate about photography as a form of storytelling, Krystalán uses her camera as a passport into the hidden and untold lives of people and cultures around the world. Her works seek to remind viewers of the interconnectivity of our lives and the common threads that connect us all, transcending language, culture, and geography.

As a global music executive, Krystalán has developed artists and managed productions around the globe. She has designed multimedia productions, integrated online branding and marketing projects and PR initiatives in partnership with major multinational companies and organizations, including Disney, NASA, and the World Wildlife Fund, in addition to the Governments of China, Egypt, Tunisia, and Brazil, among others.

Krystalán is a panda ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund, an advocate for children’s rights, and a writer. You can find her embracing life in Los Angeles when she is not touring.