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Silvana Gallery is located in Glendale, California, bordering the north side of Los Angeles. This upscale fine art Gallery is housed in a dramatic new building with off-street parking for your convenience.

Created by those who know and understand fine art, the Gallery represents well known artists from America, Europe and Asia. The artwork on display is largely contemporary, western, impressionist, traditional and fine art photography. 

If you're looking to make a rewarding investment in wonderful works of art, our gallery is here to accommodate you. The works of art that are featured at Silvana Gallery have been selected for their timeless beauty and long-term investment value.

Whether you are new to the vast world of fine art, or a long time aficionado, you’ll discover a wide selection of wonderful treasures created by the loving hands of truly accomplished artists from around the world.

In all the services we offer, you’ll find the degree of care and professionalism you expect. We can properly ship any piece we sell to most any location in the world. We welcome visits from collectors, museums, educators, designers and, of course, the general public. All are warmly invited!

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing around this site. If you have any questions about a piece or an artist, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

Our Mission

The Silvana Gallery represents a celebration of life! All the rich textures
and character we see in our daily lives—nature, philosophy, hope, peacefulness, love, joy … all these and more can speak to you through the works of art and crafts on display. We enjoy helping our clients bring these meaningful elements into their homes to enjoy for a lifetime. Acquiring fine art allows us to connect with something enchanting beyond ourselves and enjoy flights of fancy to new worlds or old dreams. This is the true beauty of fine art.

Thank you!