We are opening the doors of our gallery for space rentals.

Organize your next event, corporate meeting, Christmas party, photo-shoot, or a wedding shoot
here at Silvana Gallery.

The peaceful, artistic and inspiring atmosphere will give your event a classy and an unwinding
special feel. You will be surrounded by exquisite paintings and sculptures done by highly skilled
and famous artists of our time. The interior of the gallery will add sophistication and grace to
your day planned at Silvana Gallery.

Our Facilities:

2050 sq.ft - Capacity of 200 - Lighting - Sound System – Kitchen (includes a fridge and a
microwave) - Hangers - 1 Bathroom - Security System - Electricity - Air Conditioning System -
Parking (both street level and underground) - Wifi - Handicap Accessible - Track Lighting -
Movable Walls

Whether you would like to engage your friends and relatives over the holidays, host a gathering
for a cause or reserve a date to launch a new product, we make it easy for you.

If this interests you, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss everything further with you.
Space Rental
1731 West Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 200, Glendale, CA 91201                     Tel. 818 662 7070    Fax 818 662 7075
Tel. 818-662-7070         Fax 818-662-7075
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                                                               Our rates are:

                                                           ❏$1000 (one day)
                                                           ❏$2000 (1 week)
                                                           ❏$3000 (2 weeks)    
                                                           ❏$3500 (3 weeks)
                                                           ❏$4000 (4 weeks)

  •   $500 installation fee.
          The Exhibiting Party may not perform the installation in lieu of paying the installation fee.
          The Exhibiting Party may also acquire the following optional services for a fee of
  • $500 (food catering)
  • $300 (waiters)
  • $350 (promotion of the Exhibition through the Gallery’s own mailing list, including e-mail)
  • $400 (500 postcards or 1,000 flyers designed and printed for the purposes of advertising  
    the Exhibition; does not include distribution)
  • $200 (price tags printed for every work in the Exhibition)