Tigran Hovoumyan was born on November 8, 1969 in Armenia. His educational experience began in
1979 at the Yerevan Art School of H. Kojoyan. Tigran continued on as faculty of Painting (1985-1989)
P. Terlemezyan art college and faculty of Sculpture (1989-1995) at art-theatre Institute.  He has
several solo exhibitions and experiences that have taken him around the world.  

1997    Member of Armenian Union of Painters
1998    Member of International Federation of Artists UNESCO

Solo Exhibitions
1994    Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates
1995    Participation in “ Druo” auction in Paris
1996    Personal exhibition in ASCR ( Armenian Society of Cultural Relations
With Foreign Countries), Yerevan
1996    Exhibition devoted to the 50-th anniversary of UN ( Union of Painters in Armenia)
1996    Exhibition in Chamber Theatre, Yerevan
1996    Exhibition, organized in Toronto
1997    Participation in the exhibitions, organized in Las Vegas and Los Angeles
1998    Exhibition CHP (Central Home of Painters), Moscow
2000    Personal exhibition in “Cite International des Arts”, Paris
2001    Exhibition devoted to the 1700 anniversary of the Christianity in Armenia (Union of       
Painters in Armenia), Yerevan
2002    Personal exhibition in Painters’ Union of Armenia
2003    Exhibition in the International salon of CHP (Central Home of Painters), Moscow
2003    Exhibition in the “Noah’s Arc” art Gallery, Beirut
2003    Personal exhibition in “Cite International des Arts”, Paris
2003    Gallery “Archange”, Paris
2005    Exhibition in the “Skanska Inc.”, Stockholm
2011    Exhibition in Silvana Gallery, Glendale, CA
2013    Exhibition in Silvana Gallery, Glendale, CA

Now he is occupied with painting, graphics and sculpture.
Paintings by Tigran Hovoumyan are presented in different world catalogues printed in US
(New-York, Los Angeles, Boston), Holland, France, Turkey, Slovenia, Belgium, Singapore.
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Tigran Hovumyan
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