Artist Alexander Korol was born on May, 11th, 1978 in the city of Zaporozhye.
The creative person of the artist was formed the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts. Alexander
has finished a portrait-genre workshop working with famous professors Chaus and Ganatskogo in
Plots of pictures of Alexander are boundless and various. But all works have one general theme - they
are deep human.
Whether it is a portrait, a landscape, a still-life or a genre composition, tragic element or fun, he is
constantly in a creative search of new means of expressiveness.
Leaning on the academic basis, combining realism and abstraction, using structures, volumes and half
forms, working with various technical letters, with modern materials and technologies the artist enter us
into the world of symbols, associations, implied senses, bearing a powerful emotional charge and
Alexander Korol’s art turns into individual creations. The creative potential of the artist is not limited by
painting. His work is engaged in monumental lists, interior designs.
Korol’s works can be found in galleries and showrooms of Kiev, Kharkov, Moscow, in private collections
in Ukraine, in Russia, the Western Europe and Northern America.
Korol most recently was presented at Russian and Ukrainian Impressionism, Silvana Gallery, Glendale,
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Alexander Korol
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