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Tigran Hovumyan
The Last Supper
The story behind the painting
This painting is divided into two parts. On one side are the
figures of Jesus and Judas, on the other- the eleven apostles.
Even though the apostles are different individuals with distinct
personalities, here they are not contrasted: they're placed atop
each other with the same color treatment and represented as
one homogeneous mass.

The left side of the image presents a completely different
picture. Jesus and Judas are visually in complete opposition.
Jesus is luminous, with his whole being emitting light and purity.
His raised hands guide the viewer's gaze high up, even above
the frame of the painting. The artist has placed the figure of
Jesus between two triangles of light. The first triangle's points
are the light on Jesus' forehead, Judas' rejected cup and the
fish, which is the symbol of Christianity. The other triangle's top
is at the point of Jesus' raised finger. This triangle, which is
situated higher up, pinpoints the way to God.

Judas is the opposite of Jesus. He clings to his confined way of
thinking represented by the square frame around his head and
he is pointing toward the irregularly sketched spirals. The
painting contrasts Jesus' raised, luminous finger with Judas'
earthly digit, which cannot find a way out of the spirals it has
drawn. Judas represents the modern sinful man, who cannot
grasp even the first triangle's secret.
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