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Tigran Hovumyan
The city of three wise men
The story behind the painting
is concentrated.  

The city has a sculpture form and perches on the heads of
three wisemen who represent the highest cosmic
intelligence and consciousness. This is a place where
wisdom and knowledge reign supreme, and only chosen
ones may take residence. Mounted on a fantastic steed,
the city blissfully glide atop the earth.

In the background are the visitors and those who see the
city from up close.
In the foreground are two visitors who already have
attained wisdom. One represents flora and carries an
enchanting flower in his hand while the other represents
fauna and the animal world. The latter has an all-seeing
bird on his head that allows him to see unperceivable
things. That is why his own eyes are at the moment closed

The title of the piece hints at the presence of a third
wiseman. It is as if the observer is being invited to step
inside the painting with all its mysteries and discoveries
and take up this role.
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